Daily Tasks

This self isolation has been a real test on my patience, I think it’s a test to anyone’s patience, kids or not. I hate staying cooped up and going no further than the yard or a quick 20 minute outing, as frustrating and boring as it gets for me I can only imagine what it’s doing to my son.

It’s gotten to the point he hates coming home because he knows that’s where we will be for DAYS! With nothing but the same things to do over and over again. I’m not just sitting him down in front of a tv either, I refuse. I’m trying to find new and creative things to do while we are ‘trapped’ inside and also trying to get as much one on one bonding as I can before baby 2 comes.

But we can and do often get bored. Lady (formerly known as Elsa) has been in heaven for the most part, the house has plenty of space for her to run and jump, throw her toys and ‘patrol’ there’s no window or door that goes untouched by her nose or if she’s feeling extra adventurous, her paws for a better view. I know I can’t be the only one struggling with maintaining physical appearances however…

And I don’t mean in the sense of dressing up nicely or putting makeup on. Which if you do wear makeup regularly please don’t stop now just because someone else won’t see you wearing it, post it on social media, or save it for a rainy day when you’re looking for a throwback look! but what I mean is: waking up, combing hair, brushing teeth and getting dressed. My son is obviously going through the half naked stage and detests clothes but I know that isn’t an excuse to not dress him.

Now more than ever he mimics what mom does, his world has been greatly reduced and I don’t care what anyone says! You cannot expect me to believe that my almost 2 year old doesn’t know the difference between 3-4 playgroups a week plus long walks and playground trips and seeing other little friends and family and being stuck at home with nothing but mom and his big furry sister for company. He knows! I know he knows!

Despite the fact that he hates it and I myself begrudgingly do the bare minimum it NEEDS to be done, I think the best thing any of us can do is stick to some sort of schedule? I can make myself wake up and clean the house, doing the dishes is a little harder, I often times have to give myself a little pep talk but I never realized just how hard it is to motivate myself to do the basic/little things.

I feel like the importance of these tasks has lost its meaning since being on a lockdown of sorts and repeating it day in and day out as one of the most active things to do in the day. When you’re cooped up inside and have nowhere to go, you can clean/scrub till your hearts content but since you’re spending a vast majority of your day inside the mess piles up once again and suddenly it turns into: well what’s the point? The house is just going to look like another bomb tomorrow.

The flip side? My son is getting better at helping mommy pick up his toys, it’s a bit of a game. We listen to music together, he’s a pretty good dancer if I do say so myself! Instead of handing me a book to read while he plays he crawls into my lap and we read together, though his version is more pointing at things and flipping the pages before moms finished.

He’s always been an ace at playtime while mom is busy and that hasn’t changed, but he is more clingy, and that’s okay, I think that’s normal in a new place and with everything going on I am his one constant and never changing figure in his world.

The terrible twos are upon us though, but I think I’ll be able to handle any public meltdown/tantrum he has in the future if I can handle it under quarantine. When you have nowhere to escape to, and nothing to distract or redirect your child with, you get pretty creative with blowing out the fuse on a tantrum. I do lose my patience from time to time, I do step away into my bedroom or turn my back for a few moments to collect myself before resuming the role of mom and dad.

It’s hard and it isn’t fun, but I remind myself how lucky I am to be able to self isolate and protect not only myself and children but those who I could potentially expose/get sick. I’m thankful and proud of the people who get up everyday and venture out into the scary world of this pandemic and fight it daily. That is something far harder in and of itself than what I am doing and it helps me to remain calm and get myself back into parent mode.

Each side has its challenges, it really does. I’d be a liar if I said that one side had it easier because I simply don’t think that’s true, both sides are trying their hardest to do their part. And I think it’s safe to say that there is envy on both sides. It all comes down to perspective and getting through these next ‘peak weeks’ and clinging onto whatever hope and sanity we have left.

And may I say I’m running dangerously low on sanity…. I’ll save the fire alarm story for next time, I’m really trying to make time in my monotonous routine to go back and revise my older posts so they make more sense, but every time J goes down for a nap mom can’t help herself, I’m 32 weeks pregnant cut me some slack!

Let’s just try to be kind, not spread germs and not horde things we don’t need which puts others in an even harder situation than this has already been!


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