Husbands gone for the week and right before he left I was ready to kill him, if that’s not love I don’t know what is. I HATE being up early, I am NOT a morning person never have been never will be and bless his heart he’s put up with my second personality every time an early morning is involved.

There is no sugar in the house and though I don’t often drink coffee I would kill for a cup or two right now, I’ve been up since 2AM and it is really starting to show, I’m only 21 and my joints were screaming this morning when I crawled out of bed (officially) at 5. I blame all of the soccer I played from 8-18, it WILL destroy your knees. Trust me.

But this post isn’t about soccer or me wanting to kill my husband or the lack of coffee, nope! As you can tell by the title name it is about my neighbors. I touched on this briefly before but as of late they’re really getting on my nerves. (There I said it) My neighbors have a horrible habit of leaving their music/TV on for most of the night blasting, it shakes the floor, the entire floor and sometimes even the walls, yay us.

You know that feeling of guilt and shame you get for just living in the same building as someone who doesn’t give a single f*** about the rest of the neighborhood? That was us. We’ve graduated from that to annoyance, flat out rage and we even turned it into a game! (If you guessed floor stomping at all hours of the night you guessed correctly, it is a lot more effective than talking to them about it every other week) And it isn’t just us, we’ve had people approach US about the noise and asking US to keep it down, mind you some of these people live down the street….

DOWN THE STREET. (You cannot make this s*** up)

So I was up at 2AM last night because their TV/music was shaking the floor again…. awesome. We’ve gotten used to sleeping through the noise for the most part but it is a lot harder for J to do that, sometimes the dog sets to barking in the middle of the night which is terrifying and equal parts annoying. Not that we ever blame her because it isn’t like she barks at nothing. We’ve talked to them many times about this and nothing comes from it.

I wondered if maybe they were hard of hearing? I then wondered if maybe it was because during the day we were being too loud, however that doesn’t seem to be the case, some of the neighbors have complained beforehand and it went so far once that the police were called. So I stopped waiting for them to leave when I did my workout, I stopped not playing fetch with the dog in the house and my heels are on fire from digging them into the floorboards! Childish? Yes, but it is VERY effective!

You may be wondering how this works better than calling the cops? I have no clue! How it works better than talking to them like adults? Still have no idea. But now we’ve escalated to blaring music and waking up the entire neighborhood at 2AM. There were people banging on the doors last night/this morning and I am honestly at my wits end.

Housing can’t do anything about this obviously, (we’ve called) but I think we are at our limit and I am going to have to buy ear mufflers for the baby and dog and live with everything else. I refuse to be that crazy lady who has a screaming match with their neighbors, if the cops talking to them doesn’t get through I doubt me losing my s*** would you know?

So there is NO coffee, NO patience left, and I am going to have a tiny little person off of his sleep schedule for the next two days I imagine. And dad is gone for the week. I hope he isn’t expecting a home cooked meal and listening ears when he gets back, cause all he’s getting is an arm full of baby and mommy face planting on the bed! I’m off to shake the dust out of my kneecaps and work on working out….. subject to change depending on when the little ones wake up!

Sorry for the rant!

*UPDATED* a couple of weeks before I left NYC to stay with family during my husbands deployment it would in fact seem that they were removed from their housing for ongoing complaints and not following the housing community guidelines!

So I guess housing CAN do something about the noise and dirt plus any other thing under the sun you can imagine happening in that house. They just didn’t have enough evidence or complaints piled up I guess. I think I’m just looking forward to not having to deal with that particular bunch of crazy when we move back to Drum!


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