Birthday Survival

Well I survived yesterday with minimal crying. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be in fact it was a lot of fun, I guess I forgot that kids don’t just grow up all at once because you’re worried they will. His personality didn’t change overnight, he isn’t speaking in full sentences today or anything else that’s crazy. He’s still little J. (I think I could write a novel with the amount of nicknames we’ve given him)

Exploring the entire house and getting into trouble are still his main focuses. No new teeth have sprouted in the night time and walking is still something that is new to us. Today the world is going back to normal, time is slowing down again and I can actually sit down and enjoy season three of Stranger Things. Joseph goes out to the field tomorrow which leaves us three to push forward with our normal day to day.

I figured J’s birthday would be a catalyst for change, (yes I know that is crazy) imagine working a birthday party into a near meltdown. Nothing horrible happened. He didn’t start going to college or move out, though a lot of people asked us that question. Before I didn’t find it funny, it made me worry that he really was growing up too fast. Now I see the humor in it and move on.

He is still my little baby, and I see a lot of me in him! Mostly attitude and a flare for drama but also a love for animals and dare I say a love for books. At least he likes holding them and flipping through the pages. For those who asked what to give him we said books. He has an entire hoard of toys and since we already have a big puppy we figured books would be a safe route.

Some of them are books I enjoyed as a child myself. I want him to be a reader so badly but if he decides that that isn’t for him at least we will have a nice collection for the next one or years down the road for our grand-kids. Unless of course Elsa decides to take up reading within the year, but I have my doubts! She seems more interested in tennis balls and chewing her little brothers socks to shreds.

Speaking of Elsa, thankfully her birthday isn’t until November, (yes I am THAT dog mom) so I won’t have to have another mommy meltdown. (HA) She’ll be 3 and I think a bone cake and a few gifts will be had for her special day.

Of course Jaelyn will probably have to have a cupcake at the very least so he doesn’t try to down his sisters birthday cake. She did pretty well last night when it came to cake time and decided that her only job was to help vacuum up the crumbs he left in his highchair and on the floor, 10/10 works better than my actual vacuum.

I think it is time to start breakfast and deal with my sons growing plumber crack, there isn’t a lot on our plates today, as nice out as it is so far I think I’ll send the boys out while I workout this morning and then we will laze around for the rest of the day! I hope everyone is doing well and I will probably post a fitness update later today!

Or maybe it’ll be the wild adventures of brushing my bratty two year old’s fur out and the aftermath of what my poor carpet looks like….only time will tell!


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