Tantrums Baby!

Happy belated 4th! Sorry no update or post yesterday, All is good in the Buffone household. No babies (four or two legged) were woken up by last nights celebrations and we only had to go back to the store a grand total of three times!

Don’t worry it wasn’t all for dinner stuff, we needed a few more birthday things for J and as hot as everything was yesterday we didn’t spend as much time outside as we planned beforehand, none of us were exactly jumping at the chance to get drenched in sweat and massacred by flies. Of course it’d get exceptionally hot the day after I told my dad that it is hardly ever hot least of all too warm here.

Writing everything down has gotten a little harder for me as of late, not that I don’t enjoy it, because trust me I do, whenever my husband is home he even takes J and Elsa (Now Lady) into another room so mommy can have ‘downtime’ But it isn’t like writing my short stories or being a beta writer for someone else. I struggle with what to share and what not to share. I guess it doesn’t matter though? I mean life happens. Take this morning for instance. (Literally happening right now and since dad wants to handle it I’m letting him! I’m steaming from the ears)

My son is currently on the floor throwing a massive tantrum over his dads donuts, and to be fair I would also like to throw a tantrum over them but I am the adult in this situation (am I really though?) so it isn’t an option for me. The question of him being spoiled keeps coming up and I refuse to believe that a 1yr old can be spoiled but I’m starting to wonder?

He hardly ever throws a fuss unless he’s tired or wants to eat, and anytime he sees me or his dad with food he flips out if he can’t have any! Normal kid behavior or? Dad likes to joke that mom gives J whatever he wants whenever he wants but I don’t find that funny. I think as much as we can parent right now we are doing a pretty solid job, he has a massive appetite just like the both of us, not to mention now that he is cutting teeth on the regular why wouldn’t he want to stick them into whatever we are eating. Is it reasonable to tell him no every time? Doubtful, and it isn’t like he is allowed to eat every sugary, super seasoned, or spicy food.

I know he’d really really like to but I doubt his small unsuspecting stomach could handle the level of spice mom is used to and sugar = meltdown 9/10. No thank you.

But he DOES like to eat, and if I think it is something that isn’t going to harm him I do let him have a bite or two. I can also safely say that by feeding him a little of this and that from our plates that he currently detests red apples, his favorite ones are green, bananas are alright if they are pureed and broccoli isn’t actually food it is poison, unless it is in moms chicken broccoli alfredo pasta.

And he’s getting a lot better at walking, which means he reaches more and grabs and tries to eat everything! We can lock everything up but eating in the middle of the night isn’t exactly realistic. I don’t mean to say he doesn’t get any of our food because he does, he feeds himself most times and I think he just wants to eat what we are having, but that translates into a problem when we go out to eat.

He’ll knock things off the table, throw things, and scream bloody murder. He usually calms himself down after a few minutes, you know once he realizes that he isn’t going to get anything out of us. I just wish it wasn’t an issue now.

Before someone sics the firing squad on me! I know babies/toddlers act up and have their moments, I’m not saying my baby has to be perfect, I just wish we had a better way to handle these moments and to also stop placing the blame on each other.

I think Joseph is too hard on him sometimes, my defense is always he is still too young to understand that what he is doing isn’t right, but I know I won’t be able to use that defense for much longer just like I know if I keep up this mentality his divide and conquer is going to be perfected at 3! I’m working on me in all aspects I’d say, but he is still my little muffin who must be protected at all costs…. only now he’s a little more vocal and maybe a touch spoiled!

AHHHHHH! Sorry ranting and raving! I hope everyone had a good 4th of July and I’ll be working out from home until the 14th of July as my gym is currently closed for construction so! Mini update on that and now that my handsome little man is on the end tail of his tantrum I am going to sneak in some morning snuggles! My legs are on fire from my run this morning and I’ll do the rest of my routine after he falls asleep! Happy weekend!


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