Advice would be nice…

The wrestling matches I partake in every morning to get my child dressed and ready for the day should be considered a workout alone! He is so strong and HATES wearing clothes as of late and I’m assuming that this is just a normal phase all little ones go through? Either way, it was cute at first but now it is becoming a problem.

Babies have their likes and dislikes and apparently clothes are a huge no no. I wonder if maybe it has anything to do with his dad walking around shirtless, he LOVES his dad, anytime he thinks the front door is opening he rushes for it calling to him, I feel bad every time it’s a false alarm and I am a little unsettled about what we are going to do when dad does eventually get deployed.

I’m happy they slipped back into normalcy and didn’t have an awkward stage. (Or strange phase as my mom says) The best of friends probably doesn’t describe them well enough and even though Joseph can be a little lost sometimes during his more heated moments most times they do alright without mom. MOST times.

I wish he’d put him down on time for bed when I’m not around of course, but they have a different routine than what we have and even if that sometimes messes with his sleep schedule which also effects his behavior…. mom makes the adjustment.

His first birthday is in 3 days and we are so thankful that Joseph was not only able to be there for his birth but also his 1st! We really lucked out, I doubt it’ll be this easy in the future but at least this time around I can focus all of my energy on taking tons of pictures and enjoy watching him smash cake into his face and all in his hair and probably all over his big sister too! It’ll be a blast cleaning all that up for sure!

And at the very least we won’t require a full outfit for that portion of the day. I know he is only going to ramp up however when it comes to getting dressed, as much fun as bath time is he detests getting his hair combed and his nails trimmed and lotion? Might as well be acid against his skin by the way he screams.

Typical J behavior does not include screaming bloody murder, so whenever we first really started having issues with clothes and lotion and other things I worried his skin was maybe reacting badly and it just wasn’t showing visually.

I changed brands, and sought out softer clothes and even waited until he fell asleep to clip his nails and comb through his hair. (Though I can’t do that anymore with how tangled his curls get, he’d wake right up) None of these things helped, so I picked up the books and scoured the internet and finally accepted that my child just wasn’t a happy camper and would prefer to skip these activities.

The amount of games we play and food I try to use as distraction doesn’t even work, I’m hoping we can move on from this stage VERY quickly, but even if we don’t I can at least snap a few pictures of him escaping with a shirt for hair!

Since dad is actually going to have a 4 day weekend instead of a 3 day we are probably going to be spending most of our time outside, (weather permitting of course) I’m hoping some hiking and trails await us, and pictures too! Anyway if any other moms have tips to get their kids dressed without sustaining serious bodily injury and bruises plus extreme exhaustion …I’d be so very thankful!

And yes I do plan on going to the gym first thing in the morning these next 4 days and today is a rest day….not a CHEAT day a rest day, I can’t do cheat days without losing control! I know myself well enough that way at least! And today won’t count as day 28 as my workout routine for obvious reasons, I also found a lot of new recipes I am looking forward to trying on pinterest that aren’t overly restricting. (I’m hoping they taste as good as they look)

And going to the grocery store yesterday wasn’t as bad as I originally thought, I feel like it’s a lot easier to decide on a healthier option while not sacrificing taste wise. Not having that sick, sluggish feeling is also a bonus and making me fall in love with fruit all over again, now I just need to keep sticking to my plan and let some feeling come back into my arms and legs and whatnot before hitting the gym tomorrow bright (?) and early!

Hope everyone has a nice day today!


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