New Risings

I never realized the amount of pain someone could be in just sitting down and hardly moving an inch, and even picking up J and carrying him here and there has my legs crying in pain! My entire body feels like it is on fire and the only thing I can think of is getting J down so I can do it all over again.

My mornings are sliding back to what they were before last weekend. I envy Joseph and his fast metabolism as he smashes a BK burger followed by a large root beer….kinda gross especially for breakfast! I have yet to eat and am thinking a bowl of oatmeal and an apple are in my cards and since I am feeling particularly adventurous I’ll probably chase it with a glass of orange juice. (How exciting)

The house has been cleaned, my husband is getting ready to go back to work which means I need to get down to business. Doubt I’ll be able to go out for my run this evening as it is raining pretty badly right now and isn’t supposed to let up until 10 tonight so I figure I’ll add an additional 15 mins onto today’s workout. It is crazy to me how easily I have managed to slip back into my routine this time.

Also since I am following along to a routine today will be day 29 of 30 days and if I am brave enough I will post a picture at the end of these 30 days!

Usually there is a lot of push back on my end and excuses to ‘rest up’ a little longer and skip this day or the next, but I actually have been really looking forward to my morning time. The more pain I feel the next morning the more motivated I find I am. Joseph introduced me to crossfit the other night (and no I will NEVER be doing crossfit that is a promise!) WOW! The amount of drive and training and energy and commitment that takes is insane to me!

It is seriously hard to look away! It makes me feel that what I am doing now is not only VERY manageable but good for me, I also learned about proper form and an easier way to get into the proper burpee position and managed 15 before I was completely wiped out! These people train and train and train for years and the amount of enjoyment they get out of it is inspiring? I thought maybe I was a little weird for being excited about my morning routine and then planning my gym time but these guys/girls take it to the next level! (Husband should have a three day weekend so I plan to go fri-sun)

I think I like playing/watching crossfit in the background more than the podcasts and listening to music, it is far more motivational than both and slightly addicting to watch! I blame my husband he knew what he was doing.

Anyway, this is going to be a short one but tomorrow it is supposed to be really nice out so I will take some pictures because I am planning on taking a mini hike and it is supposed to be beautiful so fingers crossed I remember to take pictures and the weather holds and I hope everyone has an awesome day!


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