Home sweet home!

And all the messiness we left behind, we headed out on Friday at 7AM so needless to say the house wasn’t the cleanest when we left, I did a little tidying when we got home last night but was more focused on grabbing something to eat and then hitting the hay. This morning I didn’t even hear my husbands alarm go off or him getting ready to leave.

There is something so nice about sleeping in your own bed in your own home after a long weekend away. (Not to say that the hotel bed wasn’t nice because it was like sleeping on a cloud) Elsa and J also seem to enjoy being back home again and knowing where all of their toys are and getting back to their normal routine. I still have a mountain of laundry to do and suitcases to unpack and kennels to put up but I am sticking that on the back burner for just a little longer.

Still dead tired but my kid doesn’t feel the need to sleep all day like I do so mommy has to suck it up and start the day, I also have to deal with the fallout of my lack of communication. Not that it was intentional, we step back to my ‘worth it?’ post and the answer is looking more and more like a solid no.

Normally me and my husband are pretty disconnected from our phones and the internet anyway. Before we met I was probably a little more likely to be on my phone at the end of a long day and maybe even on a lunch break but my husbands slightly antisocial personality is rubbing off on me.

But isn’t the point of going away on a mini vacation to disconnect? Safe to say that not everyone feels that way. Sometimes the process of even trying to reach out and start a conversation is draining because I know what the end result will most likely be.

The high of being away from home is fading faster with the onslaught of negativity and guilt that is being dumped on my plate….yay. I’m ready to drop the rope and protect my happiness and my family from the mind **** if you will.

The problem is my inability to cut people off entirely, I forgive so easily but then I stew and fume about how I’ve been screwed over and how I’m being taken advantage of. The fear of being the trouble starter compels me to respond and make nice and move on, and I’m rather tired of doing that. Despite how amazing this past weekend was it was also a prime example of how I allow people to walk all over me.

Not going into detail but I did put my foot down and after I got over the mountain of guilt I felt, I knew it was the right thing. My husband seemed impressed too and we’ve decided we are taking steps in the right direction. We’ve started a new chapter in our lives and if people are having a hard time conforming to our new schedules and the distance that isn’t our fault. There isn’t a single thing we can do about it except tell them to manage their expectations.

On the other shoe we are blessed with a couple who have been in Joseph’s life for a very long time. From start to finish they offer nothing but encouragement and well needed advice. I think meeting his extended (not biologically but honestly the way they behave you wouldn’t know the difference) family was my favorite part of the trip. Their three sons are so well rounded/behaved and kind, their home was utterly gorgeous and made me so jealous but a lot more excited for retirement to come up!

Despite this part of the trip being last minute they were happy to open up their home to us and seeing Joseph so happy and relaxed and telling stories of his childhood was the cherry on top of the whole trip. The other was watching Jaelyn interacting with their boys and dogs, he is normally a happy baby to begin with but it isn’t like him to go crawling around for a long while, he likes to stick close to mom for a bit. This time was different however! He took to them like a fish to water and fell even more in love with them after they fed him lunch and told him how cute he was!

10/10 he plans on going back with or without us, I’m sure he can convince Elsa to give him a ride.

Dad just got home from PT so wrestling and breakfast will ensue as we resume our regular day to day schedule, mom is now the happy and proud owner of two 15lb weights and will be working out this morning while the little takes his nap. I have a date with Chloe Ting and Emi Wong and then a nice hot shower to cool down and de-stress. Tonight will be a nice night to go out for a jog, next week is looking a little rainy so I’ll probably spend more time in the gym than outside.

Also again I apologize for being gone so long! please accept these pictures as an apology.


I found more pictures thankfully but I am going to upload them on a separate post that way it doesn’t glitch the page or make it difficult to load!


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