I’m back!


So firstly to whom it may concern I am horribly sorry about not uploading ANYTHING these last three days, I really thought that I would be able to sit down in the evening and tell you guys about my day, silly me! It was hectic, tiring, a little dramatic but lots of fun and we managed to jam a bunch of stuff in this weekend so I am pretty pleased with myself!

Okay so! How did I manage my temptations? The first day wasn’t so bad, namely due to the fact that we were traveling for the better part of the day and then settling into the hotel and making sure Elsa was comfortable, plus I was leaving on a high note fitness wise. There was some concern about leaving my routine hanging for the weekend since it is under construction and I am extending my workout times but it isn’t like I can stay locked up in my house 24/7 until I can trust myself around fried greasy amazing food.

That first day I did NOT workout, but then again I only managed to sit down to eat once that day, I snacked here and there (almonds, fruit bar, water etc) but I didn’t have a full meal until around 10 that night. And despite being in the car for so long once we arrived at our destination there was plenty of physical activity and a nice flight of stairs to climb so all in all wasn’t a total failure but I should have made time to workout that evening after J went down to sleep!

Second day was…..horrible. I should throw the whole day away! It started when I woke up and decided to finish the soda that I had had with my dinner the night before, breakfast was light and simple, eggs and orange juice, and then of course during the bridal shower I had a meatball and pulled pork mini sandwich along with a few other things I shouldn’t have had to eat. Which led to bad choice 1-100.

So of course by that point in time I was telling myself that this is a weekend of fun and I can stick a pin in my diet/exercise plans until I get back to the house….well we went out that night for the bachelorette party and though I limited myself to one meal that night I also need to account for the many drinks I had and the fact that it was fried food and I had already ate way over my calories a few hours prior…so this morning was rather ehhh to say the least.

I was hungover and very disappointed in myself, I’m brushing it off, getting back on track and jumping right back into my routine. It is so good to be home now. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed getting out, I loved seeing my husbands family and celebrating but I wish I had had more self control and hit the hotel gym at least once, I could have done it and I should have forced myself to go but my mind was already made up and the will power to talk the greedy all consuming part of me down and away from the bad choices and lack of exercise just wasn’t shinning through.

But I am already back to drinking water at the very least. No more soda for this girl! Today has been a really good eating day for me, I will admit though I haven’t worked out, we just arrived home a few hours ago and like I said I am bone dead tired. (An excuse? yes and no!)

I’m going to keep this post short just because I can hardly keep my eyes open and I feel like this post is boring and all over the place, but to touch on the rest of the trip, (I will post a more in depth blog at some point with some of the pictures I took) I’m glad I went, I finally got to meet my husbands two other sisters and they were as amazing as I thought they’d be, and no they don’t read this so I’m not just saying that.

We’d talked previously over Facebook and obviously knew of each other but our schedules never lined up and/or we didn’t have the funds to meet them halfway or attend the same functions they were. I wasn’t expecting us to hit it off so well but it was like meeting up with two life long friends and hanging out. I would love to have them meet my sister Kayla because I can only imagine all the fun things we’d get into!

J loves them needless to say, anyone who calls him handsome and plays peek-a-boo is alright in his book, in fact he met all types of people this weekend and I found that our emotional support network is a lot bigger than I originally thought it was.

My husband has some truly amazing people in his life and being able to finally meet and thank them in person was an awesome experience. I think it is safe to say that everyone had a good time, even Elsa who decided that it would be a fantastic idea to roll around in wet dirt with her white fur….I love it, so much! But she did manage to make two new friends I believe, I also found out that she is a huge chicken when it comes to face to face snoot touches! She’s working on it!

I am so tired and this post isn’t doing justice to how amazing the trip actually was, I just wanted to give a small update for anyone who was wondering and to basically let people know that I’m not ditching this blog or anything, also I should have known that by saying I wouldn’t go longer than two days without posting that this is what would happen! Anyway I will post a better update and the few pictures I can post I will! I didn’t take anywhere near as many as I should have but I can’t say I feel bad because I was too busy enjoying the moment so sue me.

The bridal shower was freaking gorgeous and fun so naturally I didn’t have my phone in hand snapping pictures of anything and everything, I was afraid to be THAT person also I didn’t want to interrupt or possibly make any of the other guests uncomfortable should they happen to be in the picture, that is also an excuse because I did take a fair amount of pictures but I had been drinking and they aren’t the best of pictures so…I’ll have to do some digging and find the right ones but when I do…they’ll be posted!

Anyway, whoever has come back to read about all this mess, thank you! I appreciate it and hope you had/have an amazing weekend!


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