To scale or not to scale?

Well life does not ever go as planned in my household that is for sure! (That sounded so dramatic but…)

This morning I skipped my trip to the gym for two reasons, one it was closed and (that is truly the main reason) two because I knew it wouldn’t hurt to get back into the swing of at home workouts since my husband goes back to work tomorrow and this way the transition won’t be so rough and feel so stiff and boring!

Before anyone grabs the pitch forks or rolls their eyes to the back of their head….I still worked out, in fact first thing this morning me and my husband decided to go for a nice long walk with J and Elsa before the bad weather slipped in and stranded us inside for the remainder of the day, I’m glad we got out, it was a beautiful morning (pictures will be below) and I enjoyed being out with my family.

I realized (and I have no intention of changing this) that my morning gym routine took me away from J’s breakfast time and morning play among other things that I am used to soloing on whenever Joseph isn’t home. Things go a lot smoother and seem to be more fast paced and fun when both of us are involved and you will never catch me complaining about the amount of pictures and time I get to spend with them so that is also a nice bonus.

This morning also rewarded me with leggings that used to fit far too snugly and often times had me throwing them into the back of my dresser or wearing them around the house instead of out and about…they’re getting a little loose! I think that is a pretty good pay off and I felt really good about myself which led me to wonder….how much DO I weigh….of course we have a scale in the bathroom so why not?

Here’s a hint: it would probably (for sure) set me back.

I don’t always like the number, and in the past after a few weeks/months of hard work and feeling like I look really good stepping on the scale made me feel…huge, like I wasn’t working as hard as I could or that what I was doing wasn’t helping me in anyway, despite the overwhelming evidence (loose clothes, more energy, less snappy, no sluggish bloated feeling or looking like a pear instead of a person etc.) that it was in fact working, the lack of show on the scale put me at a stand still or just made me give up.

If I look and feel better, if clothes that didn’t fit a few months ago are now fitting and people are saying I look better why mess that up by standing on a scale? In the past it has done nothing but set me back and made me regret even trying in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, if you like to weigh yourself daily, weekly, monthly, and it makes you feel good I urge you to do so! I think people should do whatever works best for them and this isn’t a post to shame them, I’m simply not one of those people who takes any joy in stepping on a scale, since applying myself I’m finding ways to get around those inevitable bumps in the road, the temptations and all the like.

There is a huge mental game when it comes to getting and staying healthy, I do think you can get a little addicted to how it makes you feel especially when you start seeing results! I have a long way to go and I accept that. I’m happy about it though? Sometimes I feel the soreness in the evening or when I’m playing with J and Elsa and wonder if I should take a few days to just rest until I’m not so sore anymore but I already know that that leads right back to old BAD habits.

I’m not ready to have a day of indulgence or a few days of rest just yet, the will power isn’t all there, someone did suggest to me a while back to take a dive into the world of fitness podcasts and recently I did just that, I’ll wait a few weeks before passing judgement but I can see where in those moments of temptation they could really help you out.

And there are a TON of them to choose from as well, I do have myself narrowed down to three at the moment (always subject to change) however and I like the vibe they give off, I will possibly switch out my music for these podcasts during my gym time to see how/if that effects my workouts, I’m hoping it does in a positive light. (Obviously)

I want to up my gym time over these next few weeks and slowly begin switching out my current abdominal exercise for something with a little more intensity that way I’m not boring myself to death with the same routines over and over again!

Food wise things are getting harder….I know I need to work on portion control, I can eat HUGE amounts like seriously unhealthy amounts and when I was younger it didn’t effect me, now however….not doing so hot, I have next to no will power even when I am full and know I shouldn’t/can’t handle eating anymore food. Eating until you’re sick is clearly not healthy so I am trying to get a handle on that.

And I love to eat! I’m also aware that even when you eat healthy and fresh foods that too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing! There is no winning for losing sometimes but getting my portions under control will no doubt help me out in the long run.

This upcoming week is going to be a real test on said portion control and will power, my mind always wanders to the biggest most calorie filled thing on any and every menu and I can down sweet drinks (lemonades, iced teas, juices) like no ones business. I’m still working on that as well. For a while everything is going to be a work in progress instead of a natural habit.

And anyone who drinks water on a regular basis knows that not all water tastes the same! It is often hit or miss, for me that is not only true but a nice excuse I use for myself when I am out in a public setting and don’t feel like taking the healthier route of water with a lemon which undoubtedly leads to the greasiest thing on the menu! One bad choice with me leads to three more down the road!

My husband is supposed to help keep me in check but he is very forgetful and a huge pushover as well so….we will see how it goes! I’ll try to take pictures but make no promises! Hopefully everyone is having a decent Monday and if not…..tomorrow will probably be better! (Or so I’m hoping)

Off the beaten path to….Narnia maybe?
Mom wouldn’t let her on the swings…not happy!
Happy little J and we discovered this afternoon he is cutting another tooth!


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