Workouts, etc.

The boys are sitting here smacking their lips at each other while we are curled up on the couch. Thus far (and the day is still fairly young) today has been glorious…save for my broken phone screen. It isn’t the first time its happened and it surely won’t be the last time, it also did not hinder my morning workout!

Second day in a row that I’ve been to the gym and after last nights abdominal workout I really did feel like death waking up but I got dressed had a granola bar before walking out the door and felt a little bit better about my destination.

I had to wait about ten minutes for the gym to actually open which gave me a good amount of time to start stretching and what not, it is so beautiful out today I really wish we had an outdoor pool nearby so I could have gone swimming and then laid out to dry!

The windows in the room that I normally workout in are pretty big but tinted so you don’t get the full effects of just how nice out it is, the windows were also open so sadly it was pretty hot by the time I even really got seriously started but I pushed through and did the full 59 minute workout on the elliptical machine! My legs felt like jello and I need to learn how to stay more hydrated because my throat was bone dry! But I felt good and proceeded to cool down and stretch out before climbing on the treadmill.

I was slightly uncomfortable by a small group of gentleman repeatedly trying to engage in conversation after I made it known I had my headphones in and didn’t want company and only stayed on the treadmill for 10 minutes…which is horrible I know!

But I feel like I had a good reason and I made up for it on the stair climbers! I nearly almost killed myself on that machine and did a level 6 for 20 flights and I had to take a very long breather before I could even find the strength to get up and leave the gym! I can confidentially say that next time I will probably not punish myself that hard and wait for the treadmill room to clear out!

I got a peek of the indoor pool however and I am going to invest in a bathing suit because I cannot wait to get in! I know I really need to start taking pictures and whatnot but I’m still not sure if that is weird, plus I don’t wanna be THAT person so….if I can sneakily get some pictures I will! Promise!

I plan on doing my abdominal workout routine again tonight! And I also plan on going back to the gym tomorrow morning since my husband has off until Tuesday, after that I will switch back to home workouts and jogging in the evening until I get another free morning to go to the gym.

I feel like mornings work best for me when it comes to going so I am just going to stick with it, it also fits nicely into the little routine I’ve got going on. There isn’t a well of excuses I can draw on and my husband is very encouraging and it has been very nice coming home to a clean house and two happy babies!

I’m not sure if anyone is curious about my abdominal routine but I will just quickly insert it here:

45 side crunches (both left and right)

100 crunches (regular)

45 sec flutter kicks

3 minute plank

Side plank 45 seconds (left and right side)

Boat pose for 45 seconds.

And last but not least leg raises. (3 sets of 10 sometimes I do 5 sets of 10, depends on how drained I am)

Probably doesn’t seem like a lot but for me it is more than enough, I feel less bleh now that I am forcing myself to cut back on a lot of the normal sugary greasy foods I’ve been eating, once I grow up the courage to do so I will post the starting picture of myself and of course the after one but that won’t be for a long while yet I imagine so I’ve got time to warm up the idea!

I’m wondering if I have started suffering some type of withdrawal headaches because the longer the day goes on the more my head begins to pound! Momma is not amused by it either way and am hoping that it stops as quickly as it started!

In other news my son can snap his fingers! They’re the cutest chunkiest things ever! And I am so in love! He surprises me so much every day with how fast he catches onto things and I think it is safe to say he is officially walking now! We are in big trouble, J loves to get into anything and EVERYTHING.

Baby proofing can only protect so much! Elsa is not amused by her brothers new talent since that means she can’t get away from the wet kisses as easily, but she’s learning to make the best of this horrible (HA) situation.

Well now that it is nice and late in the afternoon I am going to take full advantage of this nice weather and wrestle my pretty girl outside so she can have a nice relaxing (I can already see her fighting me and rolling around) brush down and her nails trimmed…the bath is going to be a battle best saved for tomorrow! She’ll need plenty of time to dry off! I hate blow drying her (sorry about to get off topic sorta) because of how afraid she gets, I’d rather her sun bathe and relax than look at me with those impossibly wide eyes of terror! Not fun and I refuse!

However since our amazing neighbors (cough cough) seem to hate our fluffy girl so much I’ll have to slather myself up in sunscreen and sit out on the porch with her all day until she is dry! Maybe I can imagine I AM poolside and that’ll take some of the boredom away, I think that and a nice book are going to be my after gym plans tomorrow!

I hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend, free from rain and stress and anything else unpleasant! Till next time! (Also please feel free to lemme know what your workout routines are if you have any and healthy snacks that you have on the fly, I am REALLY curious)


2 thoughts on “Workouts, etc.

  1. I got nobody to leave my daughter with so gym became a bit of a tabu subject for me until few mo the ago when I discovered Beachbody and a group of lovely ladies that help each other and motivate. At the moment I am doing a five day/week programme and feels amazing. It’s what works for each and ever one of us

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    • I’ve heard of of them on Instagram I believe! I was speaking to a few of their coaches but didn’t really get a chance to look any further into it because we were in the middle of a move! I think now would be a good time for me to get into them again, I’m glad you found something that works well for you!


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