Catching Up

This morning I woke up, looked at the time and saw the gym was opening within two hours, naturally I rolled back over for some more R&R but couldn’t bring myself to fall back asleep, I knew that if I did whenever I did wake up next I would find an excuse to not go to the gym!

So I laid there as the time drew nearer and when I heard the first few babbles of protest I drug myself out of bed and gathered little J, we had a nice discussion about the weather and how delicious his breakfast was going to be and overall the changing went a lot smoother than it normally does. (Small mercies) We crept in, woke dad up and I threw my clothes on and tied my hair back before I could talk myself out of what I NEEDED to do.

The car ride there was nice, I got to catch up a little with my mom and hear how my family back in KY are doing, I miss the hell out of them and I don’t think that is going to get any easier anytime soon. But it is nice being able to speak with them almost on a day to day basis, it makes me feel like I am still there and not hundreds of miles away.

I stretched, talked myself up (and I did have to do a fair amount of that) and put my headphones in before climbing on the elliptical machine for 42 minutes. At first it was really difficult and my legs felt like they were going to give way, I think I did a fair amount of stretching beforehand this time too so maybe it is about building up leg strength at this point!

I also used the stair climber and managed 13 flights which was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, I had it originally set at 7? maybe an 8? But I know for a fact that I had it turned down to a 5 after the first two flights it was much too hard plus I wasn’t sure how hard it was going to be when I first started and grossly underestimated it! You could say it kicked my (a) ss.

After that I ran on the treadmill and got in 3 miles today! All in all I am pretty proud of myself and plan on doing abdominal exercises this evening.(Baby J willing of course!)

Food wise yesterday I did horrible! And I admit that, I did throw in an extra workout at the end of the day to try and combat my eating out and I drank a little more water to try and help flush out the sodium and sugar and grease! My food day started out okay however…

I had two eggs for breakfast and a glass of water, I snacked on some almonds around lunch time cause I still wasn’t too hungry by then but later that same afternoon my husband brought home subway and the smell of it set me off! UGH! and as if that isn’t bad enough we had Taco Bell for supper! Yes yes I know shame on me!

Very much kicking myself for it today! And trying to turn it around which is all that matters now. I’ve told my husband he is more than welcome to eat out at his leisure but to not bring me home anything unless it is asked for and green and leafy at the very least!

I’m not going to eat clean all day everyday and I know I can’t expect to just magically have will power in the span of a few days and have an iron will….it’s going to take some time! But I do need to hold myself accountable and get myself together the second I start losing ground.

We are going away this coming weekend and I know I am going to have a hell of a time trying to keep myself in check but I know that it isn’t impossible! For the most part the choices are going to be MY own and that I need to make the right ones and not use the excuse that: well everyone else was eating X” BAD DRAYA!

Anyway changes can’t all happen overnight but these are the tough days and there is always a silver lining/light at the end of the tunnel! I just need to get there and stick to it.

Sorry this was a severely boring post and I do apologize, I wish I had some nice quality photos of yesterdays ceremony to make up for it but…I don’t! I do have photos (I’ll leave them down below) but the quality is horrible at best!

J handled yesterday pretty well, it was very noisy at some parts and they were firing blank rounds out of their humvees, so yes nice and loud. J didn’t seem to mind that part, he actually seemed to like it but when the apache helicopter flew a little too close for his comfort he lost interest and any desire to be there REALLY fast!

Needless to say mommy’s neck and back rubs and whispers were just barely doing enough to keep him calm and we almost had to walk away from the demonstration. He did however make a few little friends and had a smile fest once the noise stopped! J is very good at stealing hearts with those cute little teeth poking out!

Anyway enjoy the (poor quality) pictures!!

Until next time!


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