Bad (ish) Day

It truly pours! And boy oh boy did it rain today! As predicted the event foretold was sadly cancelled and rescheduled to tomorrow! Hopefully we have better luck and a little more adventure. Not to say that we didn’t have our fair share of…. amusement (anguish) today.

We decided (before the event was canceled) to go out for a late lunch after a long morning/afternoon cooped up inside. Pretty proud of myself for not stuffing my face at my favorite pizza place probably in the world. (OIP: Original Italian Pizza)

Sorry for poor quality…dad and his jokes!

I laid the guilt on myself thick so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat more than three slices, I kind of hope that didn’t throw my entire workout away….

Even if it did it was so good….even when the greasy sluggish feeling hit me halfway back to base…which is where the real fun began. My husband had somehow managed to lose his CAC card…. awesome.

it felt good to put those little teeth to work!

Yeah…not a fun thing to discover on an ugly overcast day and at the moment we were in a bit of a time crunch to make it back on time for his rehearsal so needless to say there wasn’t an endless well of patience to be had and aside from J sleeping peacefully in the back seat I’m pretty sure it is safe to say we were running low on luck/miracles.

After being told my husband would need a team member to come down and help sort our predicament out all we could do was sit and wait, I’m one hundred percent convinced my husband is turning into me! Not only do I drop and misplace things almost constantly I never notice until the worst possible moment and then I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out how THIS possibly could have happened!

After about ten or so minutes rescue arrived, (yay) the joy however was short lived when the gate security told us that we couldn’t even check in at that gate and instead had to go five miles down the interstate to the next gate and stop at the visitors center…. again…. freaking awesome!

And again the husband was NOT happy, not in the slightest! But we managed, played follow the leader and stopped at the visitors center to get this all straightened out, which…. it turned out all they needed was MY ID….. so now not only were we late but we were taking someone else away from their responsibilities which was really just the cherry on top!

In my defense I told my husband he should just ask the guard at the gate if my ID was enough but he insisted that he knew for a fact that it was NOT enough…. typical man… JUST KIDDING! (sorta but not really)

All this just to say that we had a fairly boring slightly stressful day but we turned out alright, at least J did anyway. He happily took to crawling around naked in protest of not being able to have cake…. cutest baby bum ever! Mommy is obviously still working on laying down the law but goodness sometimes it is just TOO hard! Hopefully everyone had a better day than we had! Least the sun is supposed to be out tomorrow!

Oh and the CAC card was found and safely returned to my husbands wallet where it will hopefully remain till the end of time!

Mommy’s little (big) snuggle bug


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