To parent or…?

Yesterday was a bit of a funk for little J, he has his moments and days just like any other baby. Often times I find it a touch overwhelming however and we take it step by step to get through the day. He’s becoming more and more used to having his dad around, we are both learning to cope with the fact that it isn’t just the three of us anymore. While dad is more the stern and serious one I am always available to offer comfort and tickles.

As much as I bulk at the idea of being the ‘soft’ parent or the one who naturally gives in…at the moment I simply do not have the willpower or heart to deny him much.

He’s getting older and striking a healthy balance between when to intervene and when to baby him is becoming a lot less black and white. Do I have the heart as he grows older to tell him no? Of course.

But he is still my baby, my little munchkin, at the moment he can do no wrong in my eyes and I know I am creating a little monster. My husband tells me so a million times a day.

Still I am strongly of the mind that you cannot baby a baby and he is still my baby! At least for a few more weeks that is. One is right around the corner and coming up on us VERY fast.

We have a small little party planned of course, just the four of us, cake and a little outing to the aquarium. Elsa will have to stay home during the outing sadly…I don’t think they’re four legged baby friendly there but we’ll bring her back something for sure. And maybe we can wrestle her into a party hat!


We’ve had various (unsolicited) advice given to us on how to discipline him moving forward….to be honest we didn’t agree with a lot of it. It still seems so far off anyway, he is very receptive to us when we speak and is aware what the word “no” means.

He doesn’t scream at it often or get fussy, he moves on to the next thing and often times we can find him looking to me or his dad when inspecting something new, kind of like he’s asking for permission? Maybe I am overthinking this, or looking too deeply into it, maybe he is looking at us to say: I know I shouldn’t have this but what’re you going to do about it”

But what parent wants to think anything negative of their child? I sure don’t! I’m going to enjoy ‘spoiling’ him while I still can and continue to get away with it before it causes bad behaviors.

Slightly (very) off topic the semi healthy lifestyle continues today. I actually woke up this morning at a decent hour and since my husband had the day off I went to the gym. It was thankfully pretty void of others and I managed to get in a pretty decent (I think) workout!

Instead of my usual 15 minute “where the hell am I” stroll around I got right to business! And instantly regretted it, treadmill? not my friend. Running? still hate it! But when I actually applied myself to it and focused on my music and surroundings instead of feeling death creeping up my spine? It wasn’t awful! I managed 2 miles before walking another 4 and then I hit the bikes! At least I think it was a bike?

I am going to be completely honest I haven’t a single clue what the machine was that I was using but there was a very friendly woman who talked me through it and I ended up spending an additional 30 minutes on it and needless to say my legs are on fire!

There was a very nice machine for my arms, again assistance WAS involved and I am very thankful for that! I typically use the treadmill and then hit the road so today opened my eyes to the various machines I’ve been missing out on!

Hands down at home workouts are MUCH better and easier on my old bones! But all in all it wasn’t as horrible as I originally thought it would be plus I also found out that that gym has a pool and a sauna! so 10/10 will surely be going back the next time my husband has a weekday off! I hate going on weekends, much too crowded from past experience.

For now I think it is safe to incorporate home workouts and gym time into some type of routine. Which yes yes I know I still need one and I can confidently say I now have a strong foundation for one! My husbands strange and very inconsistent work schedule does actually effect my day to day more than I thought it would! Figuring out the kinks are all part of my ‘master plan’

And thus far I’ve managed to work on my eating habits. I think my main problem is portion control and the love I have for pizza will never die so…!


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