To try (try try) again..

I touched very very lightly on doing a little better with my every day eating and maybe more physical activity yesterday but didn’t dive too deeply into it, you would be proud to know I avoided the loathed doughnut and opted for some water instead. Truthfully I wasn’t hungry to begin with but I am a serial(?) eater and if the mood strikes (it often does) I eat!

I never noticed my eating habits when I was younger but I can recall that I had a fairly balanced diet, I can also pinpoint where I went way off the wagon: my first official job. A grocery store. Now before that Yours Truly worked in a corn field pulling tassels….yes yes very glamorous and to be honest it was one of the best jobs I ever had despite corn rash and the occasional panic that I had in fact gotten myself lost and would be murdered by the children…(get the reference?)

There weren’t many options to eat bad when pulling tassels. Nope, in fact the opposite, lunches (and sometimes breakfast) was packed the night before with thought and hopes of being full until quitting time, and since there wasn’t an option to load up and go to McDonalds or Wendy’s or the like I stuck to eating pretty well those days, plus I was still playing soccer and can admit that (not intentionally) that a few meals would sometimes be skipped.

And that of course only got worse once I began working at the grocery store, I was either not eating or eating it all which was way worse, sometimes I wouldn’t get a lunch break or simply forget to clock out for lunch and once home anything and everything was fair game. Again the first year or so of me working there didn’t see much weight gain merely because I was still playing sports, however after that dropped off is when I noticed the first tightening of clothes.

Everyone often commented on how skinny I was, something I accidentally took advantage of, I know I’m not dangerously overweight but knowing my current relationship with food that could change quickly if I don’t get a grip. And it isn’t like there isn’t a well of information and (amazing) youtube tutorials for me to follow along to. (I detest going to the gym unless I know it won’t be too crowded but…on an army base that is kinda….well dumb)

Emi Wong (on youtube) is someone I often follow along to when the mood strikes me to try and get a grip on myself, if you aren’t used to working out regularly (and I am NOT) you’re going to feel it right off the bat and then it’ll hit you nice and hard whenever you wake up the next day.

And physical activity isn’t my arch enemy either, no finding and sticking to a workout routine isn’t even the problem, it is the laziness that comes along with eating so much junk food. It saps the energy out of my body, couple that with an active (almost) toddler and a very hyper not done growing puppy….my energy is pretty much nil.

Eating out was and sometimes still is the easier option and in the moment it tastes amazing and all the feel good emotions in my brain are firing off like a 4th of July fireworks show….but then the grease and heaviness of the food hits me and the regret sets in instantly and I start to come back to my senses and question when I began to resemble a pear moreso than an actual person..?

I hate the temptation that goes along with food and I do have a list of favorite healthy go to snacks BUT! I never purchase them, it never crosses my mind in the moment plus whenever I do have a house full of healthy food/snacks it seems my husband and I get the same idea….eating out!

Choosing semi bland and a list of meals that seems to blend together in taste after a few weeks isn’t appealing with the throng of fast food that is so readily at hand. But I am going to try….AGAIN!

I’m hoping it’ll go better because I’ll have this to hold me accountable and I have two weddings to attend and I’m going to be in one, might as well put my best bod forward huh?

That doesn’t mean this is going to go smoothly, in fact I already know I am going to be an irritable monster the first few weeks and even after that I won’t be able to give myself a cheat day because we all know how that goes!

But I will try my hardest….I’ve done pretty well so far today! and other than maybe two days ago I haven’t had soda in a few months…didn’t miss it either! Please feel free to hold me accountable! It’ll go a long way also it would be nice to know how you like the blogs!


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