Healthy? (Short)

Whilst (angrily) doing laundry this morning I suddenly realized something….I’d actually dropped a few pants sizes, I’m not sure how or when because to be honest I’ve been eating terribly and hardly putting in any extra effort to offset my horrible habits. (Sorry Emi!)

There’s no reason for me NOT to go to the gym more regularly….I’m just lazy and don’t want to, but I like being able to fit into clothes I had previously packed away during my pregnancy, I like the way they fit and feel and I like having an excuse to buy new clothes. (fight me)

Does that mean I am actually going to start going to the gym on a more regular basis? Probably not…..I doubt it, I’m literally eyeing a box of donuts while I type this BUT!

I must admit that it was a welcome surprise today and slight wake up call that if I actually sat down and did some physical planning and got a routine going I COULD without a doubt fit gym time into my schedule…..but maybe for now I’ll indulge in a donut and continue to cut back on sodas and extra sodium that I don’t need….seems to be working just alright!

But you also can’t go wrong with water and walks with the pupper!

Also! Happy Father’s Day!! Whoever keeps coming back and reading and leaving likes I appreciate it VERY MUCH!! (Short but dang! Two posts in one day)


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