Bubble, grandma, dada, mama, grandma, yeahhhhhh.

These are his rock solid words so far, occasionally I’ll hear a ‘No’ sprinkled in with a look I can only describe as a perfect copy of mommies. ‘mean face’ The only true time he takes on my facial expressions is when he is highly displeased/disappointed and sometimes I can’t help but to think: ouch! is that really what I look like when I’m mad” Although in his defense he makes it look much cuter than I ever could.

We are trying to teach him: eat, dog, go, apple, yellow. Strange list of things but the sounds that leave his mouth very closely resemble these words so we figure why not? The amount of books I’ve read about teaching your baby to talk and the best techniques to use just haven’t been cutting it. He’s learning incredibly fast and soon his vocabulary will involve back talking, taunts and if dad doesn’t get his act together plenty of colorful F bombs.

Par the course I imagine however.

Laughter led straight to “dada” and no matter how many times I recited “mama” as clearly and concisely as possible it was met with giggles and “dada” and often times spit when trying to imitate the sound of the old car.

I think he’ll pick up his nicknames before anything else however, and there is no shortage of those to be had. He isn’t a very big fan of tv and although he plays with books often, if momma isn’t reading them to him he doesn’t stick around long enough to look at the pages and pick up what I am pointing at.

When he says “Lala” I know he is talking about his big four legged sister, when we adopted her from the shelter her name was “Elsa” and though it stuck…. the first week I quickly took to calling her my “big little Lady” and more recently when she has decided to be an utter terror: Lady Elsa Elizabeth”

Once I hit her with the middle name she usually knows to calm down and act cute! Is it weird that my dog has a middle name? Possibly. Am I going to stop using it? Nope!

Maybe one day Lala will morph into Lady and “bahh” into bananas….for now we are happily making due with the little sounds and snaps and giggles and motor sounds, the clapping of hands and dancing along to music.

The boys are more than comfortable however at the moment with clicking their tongues! I’m not pulling my hair out you are!


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