Food Fiasco

All things considered… I should have seen this coming from a mile away and despite how funny it was and how easy cleanup also was… I think my son could use a few more lessons on table manners and the way of the fork! At 11 months we are still honing our feeding technique so I give him mass brownie points for doing so well in the beginning….

In fact he was doing a fantastic job of it! one noodle at a time and holding polite (slightly loud) dinner conversation, there were a few noodle slides off to big sissy but it was mostly kept under the table so mommy turned a blind eye…. and then it all went downhill from there. (And many things were regretted later..)

I turned my back for three seconds to grab the wipes from the counter…and that is all it took. Were there things I could have done differently? Yes! Like for instance… letting your baby eat spaghetti in a white shirt? Not my proudest moment, should I have encouraged the use of the fork a little more…. you betcha!

Towels also should have been closer at hand… but sometimes you just don’t think of these things! Pretty sure Jae was trying to imitate the way his big sister eats by grabbing the bowl and shoving it into his face, now at first it was going pretty smoothly, we’d already had a few lap casualties so mom wasn’t too worried about the shorts and the shirt can be salvaged. (I think)

The food was slowly making its way to its destination and then suddenly….. Jae decided the food wasn’t coming out fast enough and tipped the bowl, and half of dinner promptly landed in his lap and onto the floor where his big sister was eagerly awaiting its arrival under the table. She probably felt as if she was feasting tonight considering dinner scraps are a fairly new phenomenon to her. Though I am sure in the coming years she will become more accustomed and even picky over the scraps that fall from the table.

Mom went to extract the bowl but it was too late, hyped up on the way the noodles felt falling onto his legs or maybe the way it looked splattering to the floor Jae took it one step further and dropped the bowl…. mom is going to prepare a lot better next time and…. maybe just eating in a diaper from now on will suffice!

Also a mat for under his high chair is probably a wise investment at this point, but what do I know? Obviously not much!

Sadly the dog is going to need a bath and a thorough brushing because there is an alarming amount of noodles stuck in her fur as well as hamburger and sauce…. gotta love your super long haired fur babies!


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