Mini Adventure

“Are we going anywhere else” I ask, hoping the answer is a strong no. My feet are on fire and I have too many bug bites to count. I suddenly decide even if my husband wants to go out again today he can go alone, this glass of wine is long overdue and very deserved. The weather today has been perfect, with my husband getting ready to go out to the field again we decided to capitalize on it and hit the trails after we generously applied sunscreen and packed some provisions.

The first leg of our trip went pretty smoothly, there was plenty of cover from the sun and J had become a professional conversationalist. Elsa didn’t think too much of the heat but the chipmunks and beavers were driving her nose crazy and she decided it was best to be on high alert! My favorite part up to this point was the lack of bugs and the soothing background sounds of the streams and occasional chatter of birds.

Aside from the baby babbling and the rare exchanges between me and my husband it was a quiet affair, I normally don’t take such long walks with J and Elsa alone because it is always a bit of a handful, I was enjoying being able to take in the sights and sounds and sneak a few photos in here and there.

Now the second leg of our trip started to get a little more uphill with less sun coverage and some bickering! Because who in their right mind decides to go on trail when it is SO hot outside, pretty sure it wasn’t that hot when we first left, and despite the mad amount of sunscreen I slathered poor J in his little chubby cheeks and legs started turning red.

Needless to say this momma was NOT happy about it but we were already more than half way to the end of the trail (we were of the mind it looped back to the parking lot) and figured going back at this point was more harm than good. Not only that he wasn’t overheated and wasn’t particularly crazy about mom checking his temp every 20 or so feet. I honestly think that was bothering him more than the sun, also he is NOT burnt and is perfectly fine, in fact he was very angry when we got back to the car and even more so when he realized we were headed back home….yikes!

The third half of the journey was the (almost) WORST, we walked for maybe a mile and a half possibly more under the sun with no coverage while I silently fumed about it because my baby looked like he was halfway to a lobster and for some reason (not that I am actually all that surprised he does seem to ruck a lot) my husband wasn’t slowing down at all! If anything it seemed the further we went the faster he walked! Meanwhile us girls were slowing down as the steps continued to click upwards!

Elsa had a decent excuse…fur! And lots of it, still with a bunch of water and tons of pats and ‘good girls’ she made it through fairly okay….UNTIL!

Yes that’s right the fourth and FINAL part of this trip which was ACTUALLY the worst but did yield some pictures I had failed to snap before hand came rolling at us full force! At the risk of sounding utterly dramatic and over the top we had reached the end of the path…it kinda just dropped off into nothingness and we were both HIGHLY confused.

Of course when we pulled out our phones and did some digging we quickly realized that we’d taken a few wrong turns and gone down ACTUAL back roads (or at least gravel roads) and gotten all turned around! So of course now we had to trudge all the way back! we had half a bottle of Gatorade a hot pupper and a sleepy baby! Now momma was VERY unhappy. My husband is a very optimistic person which honestly often grates on my nerves but that is literally the only thing that stopped me from losing my cool on the way back and plopping down to bake in the hot sun until I crossed over from exhaustion.

And we did get lost on the way back as well! We both struggle with “Oh what’s that” syndrome which led to another 45 minute add on to our trail adventure today! Despite only seeing a handful of creatures and maybe four or so people during the entire trip and the walk back starting out as a total disappointment we did end up having SOME fun, and if anything now we know we need to pack triple what we took last time and that maybe getting a chin strap for the sunhat might be a wise investment!

I am a sucker for all of the greenery and cannot wait until winter comes and blankets it all in snow! At least that way I can take a ‘hike’ through the woods behind our home and me and Elsa can have some silent girl time away from the rowdy boys! I can only imagine what her reaction will be to having an ACTUAL winter with pounds of snow! I doubt I’ll be able to get her inside! Unlike today where she booked it to the car the moment she saw it and then firmly planted herself in the armchair once we were home and she had plenty to drink, I think she might actually hate walking now, the jury however is still out on that one.

After all the dirt and grime and sunscreen and fresh air had been bathed off and then a proper nap was taken we tucked into some dinner and promptly got covered in apple chicken and other manner of food and drink before relaxing and lounging around. As much fun as the outdoors and fresh air was being home was rather nice and since my legs were on fire a touch of relaxing and a glass of wine were well in hand! I think the next time we decide to go on a mini vacation it’ll be on a slightly overcast day.


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